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Help Section:

    Powerups: +1000pts
      You have to hit powerups with your player, shooting them destroys them

         Increase the power of your bullets
            Red is weakest, Green medium, Blue is most powerful

         Increase the number of bullets
            You start with 1, max is 3

         Increase your number of lives
            You start with 3, maximum is 5 lives, if you get to 0 lives the game ends

    Things that hurt you:
         Boss Cat
            Bosses don't actually hurt you but the shoot hairballs at you
            Bosses have 50hp, but get more hp as you progress

            Bosses shoot these at you; Getting hit by one will cost you a life
            Hairballs have 2hp (two red bullets or one green or one blue will take care of it)

            These guys will also cost you a life you they touch you
            They each have 3 hp