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Distance Caddie Keep track of golf club average shot distance
Scorecard Multi-hole scorecard. Save to iPhone homescreen for offline use
cWynn Answers Very basic question/answer forum
CoinDB Simple Coin database, nothing fancy; just needed something like this
Gravity Hero Level Designer Build/Test Levels for Gravity Hero
Bounce Collision Example Example of how to detect collision and react between a point and line segment
cWynn Login A php/mysql user login system. Example + Source Code
Shopping Cart Demo of a shopping cart
Phonetic Alphabet Trainer Trainer to learn the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta....)
Hanabi Create and play a game of Hanabi
Zombie Dice Create and play a game of zombie dice (with bots!)
Hamster Flight I was asked to make an html 5/javascript game for a job application, this is what I came up with
Create Marbles Game Design and start a marbles game
Maze Play maze games and try the level designer
Pong Simple pong clone with particles
Go! Play Go (Baduk)
Gravity Hero Physics based game
Play Marbles Play Marbles (aggravation) on the go
Lights Out Play Lights Out 3x3 and HEX
Ants Ant farm simulation
RPG I got it in my mind to make a free-roaming game engine. I haven't cleaned it up, or developed much, just playing around
BattleBlimps (iOS app) Information about Battle Blimps for iOS. Created By Charlie Wynn and Brett Marcott
waterfall Particle generator
Mute On Suspend Mute your computer on hibernation/suspend. (Keep music/youtube videos from playing through speakers when you open your laptop lid back up when you bring your computer to class etc)
xkcd Link to xkcd webcomic
OU Juggling Club Website for the OU juggling club
Online Drawing Game My wife and I use this a lot when we're planning a project and want to draw something together remotely

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