I wrote a simple pong game in javascript. I sent a link to my friend. He was quick to make fun of the very bland white-on-black pong game I made. He told me it looked like the “before” example in a video he shared on “juicing” your game.

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Maze Game

I believe I originally made this game around 2014. It features a character in a maze. You can move in the cardinal directions. Be sure to try the level editor!

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A local only client for playing hanabi.

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Hamster Flight

My senior year of college I applied to work at a game studio. They asked that I create a javascript game over the weekend. I decided to use their company’s mascot (a hamster) and put them against my cats in a little shooter game.

Gravity Game

I made a physics game where you launch a “spacecraft” (red circle) and attempt to land on a “planet” (green circle). You use the gravity from nearby “planets” (blue circles) to collect bonuses (purple dots). The longer the trip the more points! Your score is divided by the number of...

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