Quick Switch Disc Golf Retriever

I play disc golf - and sometime lose discs in the water or up in trees. I’ve owned a few disc retrievers and recently bought a “Max Disctance” suction cup ball. It works really well in the water, but isn’t really designed for everything. The problem is that switching between the hook type retriever and the Max Disctance is a little tedious.

This is how I came up with a quicker way to swap accessories

The disc golf retriever I own (link) comes with a few accessories. Two hooks and a “mailslot”.

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Retriever

While playing a few weeks ago I noticed someone pulling their disc out of the water with a “Max Disctance” suction cup ball (link). I bought one and was instantly impressed.

Max Disctance Disc Golf Retriever

After some brainstorming I decided that a locking hex shank bit holder would meet my needs - I ordered a cheap set on Amazon (link)

Hex Shaft Extension

With some effort I was able to remove the shank. I tried a few methods but it was hard to not marr the surface. If this initial prototype works well I want to buy a few different types of hex shank extensions and see which one is the easiest to modify. Hex Shaft Extension Disassembled

I bought a cheap tap and die set for 5mm x 0.8mm (link). This size matches the retriever and accessories’ threading. I drilled and tapped a hole in the shank.

Drilled and Tapped Hex Drive Extension

I only made two threaded hex shank adapters for this test. Now I can attach any two accessories to the hex shanks.

Double Hook Attachment with Hex Shaft Max Disctance Attachment with Hex Shaft

All that is left is to attach the female portion of the hex shaft extension to the tip of the retriever. I’m not super satisfied with the first attempt. I tried to thread the outside of the retriever tip and inside of the hex shank. But the hex shank felt too hardened for my taps. I drilled out the hex shank extension and cut off the tip of the extension so it would be a slip-fit. I tried using plumbing solder to attach them with limited success (I’m remodeling our shower and had the soldering supplies out already). It was getting past 1am and I decided to just cross-drill and use a cotter pin.

Hex Shank attached to retriever

It’s not elegant but it works!

I had some concerns about the weight of the quick switch adapters and did a little investigating into that on this related page: link

Since the accessories have hex bit shanks they fit nicely on a keychain meant for holding spare hex shanks

Accessories on keychain